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Arkhangelsk Regional Lore Museum


  • Archaeology
  • Military history
  • Old Russian needlework
  • Paintings
  • Early printed books
  • Folk art
  • Bone carved goods
  • Monuments
  • Natural history collection
  • Icon painting
  • Church ware
  • Ships models
  • Lessons for children
  • Museum branches
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  • Photo fund
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A Definite "Don't Miss" when you are in Arkangel

This museum was one stop on our cruise-ship tour. We, unfortunately, had only 1-1/2 hours here, which was far too short a time; you need a good 1/2-day to do this museum justice. It is located in the old Merchant Yards building which was set up as a "hotel" for the local merchants doing business with the international traders from more southern European countries many hundreds of years ago. (The building itself is a fascinating structure!) The museum tells the story of the region from unique objects of stone and bone carvings, items from houses in the Middle Ages, old Russian art, church icons, etc. It tells how Peter I (Peter the Great) came to Arkhangelsk and helped establish it as the great shipbuilding seaport it had become. This is one of the oldest museums in Russia celebrating its 182-year anniversary this year.

William P

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Lots to take in!

History, architecture, great views are just some of the benefits of visiting the birthplace of Arkhangeslk! Learn how international trade made Arkhangelsk the gateway to Russia!


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