Opening hours

Historical-architectural complex “Arkhangelsk Merchant Yards” [Gostinie Dvori]

85/86 Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dvini, Arkhangelsk, Russia
10:00–21:00 (ticket office closes at 20:00)

Monday — day off

Exhibition spaces on 2 Lenin Square
2 Lenin Square, Arkhangelsk, Russia

10:00–18:00 (ticket office closes at 17:00)

Monday — day off

Admission fee

Historical-architectural complex “Arkhangelsk Merchant Yards”:
Entrance ticket to all the expositions and exhibitions (except for commercial ones) — 300 rub.
Entrance ticket to one exhibition — 100 rub.

Exhibition spaces on 2 Lenin Square:
Entrance ticket to one exhibition — 100 rub.

Guided tours in English or German:
A guided tour around the historical-architectural complex “Arkhangelsk Merchant Yards” — 3 000 rub. (entrance tickets for all the visitors are to be purchased separately)

Please note that guided tours are to be pre-booked.
Concerning guided tours booking as well as all the additional museum services, please contact the excursion manager +7 (8182) 609 000.